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Image by Sean Benesh

What is a Hito Pak Give Event?

The Hito Pak Give Event is the reason Hito Pak was created.  Everything we do is to ultimately communicate hope and to highlight the reality that ones identity is not defined by ones living circumstances.  Every Hito Pak that we give because of your care and generosity helps us to continue to make a tangible impact onto our communities.

Step 1

Pack the Hito Pak

We fill each intentionally designed "Hito Pak" with socks from @bombas, personal care items from @primallypure, a blanket from @sackcloth&ashes, and a small book sharing the love and hope of Jesus.

Step 2

Partner with a local outreach organization

We only partner with active outreach organizations that are committed to giving back to the local community.

Step 3

Communicate Identity

Although a new intentionally designed backpack is rewarding to give to those living life on the streets, if we miss the opportunity to connect on a human level, to make eye contact, to simply offer an ear to hear or open arms to hug, we have missed the point of Hito Pak.

Step 4


Tell your family and friends about Hito Pak so we can grow this community in order to impact those living life on the streets in radical ways.

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